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Ohio Wholesale, Inc. Debuts Radiance Lighted Canvas

Ohio Wholesale, Inc. and their sister company Kennedy’s Country Collection have designed an innovative line of battery-operated stretched canvas that features realistic flickering light, much like you would see with actual candle light.  These designs fall under the company’s brand “Radiance Lighted Canvas” and feature things like candles, lamps, beach bonfires, and even the Eiffel Tower.  In their natural state all of these stretched canvas items are sleek and well made however the added functionality of the flickering light creates a ‘WOW’ factor that immediately draws much more interest.  Even some proven designs by well-known artists like Billy Jacobs were converted into “radiant” artwork! 

Anne Secoy, the company’s Vice President of Product Development said, “I got goose bumps after setting a display of our Radiance Lighted Canvas samples in the company conference room.  I dimmed the lights and I just knew we had something BIG!”  Word spread quickly throughout the company that this product was on display and within minutes dozens of employees were shuffling through the conference room to see what the buzz was about.  Anne says “With over 40 designs available for pre-order right now, and even more on the way, our customers can create some “real magic” in a wide range of themes within their displays!  I expect these items to fly out of stores; even before having catalog representation we already have customers placing orders by the case!”  Anne also said to expect many more Radiance Lighted Canvas designs in the 2013 product line for Ohio Wholesale, Inc.

Each of the Radiance Lighted Canvas items are operated by 2 AA batteries and, due to the small switch on the side of each canvas, they can be turned on and off without even removing them from the wall!  The LED lights draw little power allowing the batteries to last for days of continuous use.  You can see video of some of these new canvases, and their unique “flicker,” here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpD9km30hQc&feature=youtu.be