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About Us

Mission Statement

Ohio Wholesale, Inc. will provide our customers with 'THE LOOK, THE QUALITY, AND THE PRICE' of great products, while making EACH and EVERY customer pleased and confident with our services.

Company History

The founders of Ohio Wholesale, Inc., Nick and Terry Harbarger, began laying the ground work for what would become Ohio Wholesale Inc. over 35 years ago. At that time they would regularly travel to Mexico and find great giftware items that they knew people would love back home.

Shortly after they realized how well these products would sell they opened The WD Outlet, a retail store located in Wadsworth, Ohio. This store carried furniture and home decorative accessories. While Nick was wholesaling oak furniture, he recognized that home decor items actually sold better than the furniture. With this awareness, he knew that he could expose his products to more people by selling his items through other retail stores so he started a new wholesale store called, Ohio Wholesale, Inc.

Ohio Wholesale Inc. began as a distributor of wholesale giftware for retailers across the nation. A combination of great products, tradeshows and hard work quickly helped the company become one of the largest and most reputable in the industry. In order to make Ohio Wholesale stand out as a leader in the giftware industry, it was necessary for them to develop their own unique line of decorative items. Adding more in-house home decor artists to the mix made Ohio Wholesale, Inc. stand out with its unique giftware that came with unparalleled quality and customer service.

A major strategic turning point in Ohio Wholesale's development came about during the mid 1990's when the company became one of the first to develop a design department and start the process of direct importing into the United States. By designing and direct importing, Ohio Wholesale could provide high quality items at affordable prices. Every year, over 1,000 new wholesale giftware products are developed by one of our talented artists. These truly unique items can be seen at one of our many tradeshows, in our home decor catalogs, at our permanent showrooms or right here on line.

Maintaining an above-industry average of 95% fill rates allows us to stay ahead of demand and keep our customers well-stocked with our excellent wholesale giftware product lines. Ohio Wholesale, Inc. keeps an in-house showroom available for visitation five days a week which enables us to present our customers with a way to make a personal connection with our staff. This also lets them see our award-winning home decor products first-hand.

A couple sister companies of Ohio Wholesale, Inc. have been established in order to create a well rounded and customer service oriented family of companies. Countryside Finds, a wholesale cash and carry outlet, is located directly next door to our main building in Seville, Ohio and allows our customers to purchase individual items as opposed to sets. You will also find many display items, furniture pieces and several products that are not available through our Ohio Wholesale, Inc. showroom. Kennedy's Country Collection is another sister company that sells more modern home-décor and furnishings. The vast combination of our companies' products and services allows us to maintain one of the strongest positions within the giftware industry.

Please feel free to email us at or call us toll free at (877) 745-5050 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. If you are planning a trip to visit us, click here for directions to our Seville, Ohio location.

Thank you for choosing Ohio Wholesale, Inc.